Best and Top-Rated Vets in the New York Metro Area

Being a pet owner in the Big Apple can be a challenge.? With over 1000 vets in the New York Metro Area, finding the right caretaker or veterinary practice for your pet in the largest city in the US can be overwhelming. Whether you need to find a veterinarian in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island or outside of the City we are here to help. Here are the top Animal Hospitals and Clinics in the city that never sleeps.

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Finding a Great Vet in New York City

Finding a new vet can be nerve-wracking, especially in a city as large as New York City. But finding the right vet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your pet’s life. Your vet is your partner in keeping your pet healthy, and you need somebody you can trust. Of course, what suits one person and their pet may not suit another, so personal recommendations aren’t always the best bet. Here at GreatVet we aim to make the search for a new vet easier by listing the top 20 vets in NYC. You can even search the GreatVet database for vets with specific specializations, abilities, hours or office locations, ensuring your new vet has everything you and your pet need. But what should you consider when choosing a vet? Read on for our best advice on finding a new vet in New York.

Where is the veterinarian located?

Location, Location, Location! Convenience is key. If you live in Brooklyn, you won’t want to be heading over to Manhattan for your annual check-ups. Especially in a city like New York, where driving within the city is typically avoided, being able to walk to the vet is crucial. Use GreatVet to immediately start your veterinary search by typing in your area code to find practices in your area. You can then adjust the search radius to see more options if necessary. Here are a few offices with great locations in some of NYC’s most dog friendly neighborhoods:

Glendale Veterinary Clinic located in Queens is a great walkable option for you and your pet if you live in the Rego Park or Forest Hills neighborhoods. The best part is that its location next to Forest Park’s many walking trails will give you and your loved one a great diversion before or after your visit.

If you don’t live near a vet or rely on the subway for most of your errands, the NYC subway actually allows you to travel with your pet as long as the pet is in a carrier. Columbus Circle Veterinary Clinic is just one block from the #1, #2, and A,B,C,D lines that stop at Columbus Circle’s subway station and a great option for pet owners who live, work or commute through the Upper West Side. This clinic is also just blocks from Central Park and all of its walking trails and attractions, giving you and your pet another fun activity to complement a visit to the vet.

Although location is an obvious and important factor to consider, don’t stop your search here. Just because a clinic is close to your home doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best suited clinic for your pet’s needs.

What are the animal hospital’s hours of operations and what if there is an emergency?

Once you have found a nearby vet, next consider if the hours work with your schedule and what happens if you have an emergency. Fortunately, some clinics strive to support emergency care, and many are affiliated with a larger, 24-hour hospital nearby that they refer emergency and advanced cases too.

For all after-hour emergencies, BluePearl Pet Hospitals is an option with locations in four out of the five boroughs. The hospital has locations in Midtown on West 55th, Downtown on West 15th along with Brooklyn and Queens locations. All four locations are open 24/7 for emergencies, while most NYC clinics close between 6pm and 8pm. BluePearl specializes in last-minute, emergency cases, and offers a detailed set of instructions for stressed-out owners rushing to find care for their suffering pet.

Use the GreatVet platform to help you screen for the office hours of veterinary clinics in your area that work with your schedule and, in case of emergency, quickly filter to clinics and hospital such as BluePearl that see patients 24/7 or which emergency center your regular veterinarian refers to.

Emergencies happen, so be proactive and learn about emergency procedures now, before you actually have one.

What is their online reputation?

In today’s day and age, online reviews can be an informative way to research the quality of experiences. At the same time, online reviews can also be polarizing, making it difficult to understand a veterinarian’s capabilities. Before judging a vet clinic based off of the first set of 5- star ratings you see, we recommend looking at a couple variables.

1. Do not make a decision based off of one review source. Try and take a look at 2-3 platforms such as Yelp, Facebook and Google to make sure you get as comprehensive of a view of the practice’s online reputation as possible. GreatVet profiles help you see scores from all review sources to make sure you have full visibility into each practice’s online reviews.

2. Read two to three 5-star reviews and two to three 1-2 star reviews so you can get a balanced perspective of the positive and the negative. Do not be scared away from a clinic just from one negative review. Remember everyone is human and there are a number of scenarios that are uncontrollable, so dig in and read the reasons why someone gave a practice a bad rating before making a qualified decision.

3. Reviewing the volume (the number of reviews) a vet practice can be a good indication of quality. The more people that voice their advocacy for a veterinarian clinic gives you more data and perspectives to make your decision. With higher review counts, you can assume that you are getting a more accurate understanding of the vet and clinic than a veterinarian profile that has one review.

Reviews are a great indicator of quality but it is important to understand how to make them meaningful to your needs. GreatVet’s Reputation Score can give you the comprehensive view you have been looking for.

Does the veterinary practice provide the services your pet needs?

Make sure the practice offers the right scope of services and the expertise to properly care for your best friend. Make a list of your pet’s needs—think about age, animal-type, and any current concerns. For example, if you own a dog, is it a puppy in need of general care? Is it older, in need of geriatric care or pain relief?

Depending on your pet needs, it may make sense to go to a generalist practice or a specialty practice. General practitioners are excellent at providing wellness and preventive care services, treating common conditions, and many perform routine surgeries. Veterinary board-certified specialists on the other hand, have years of additional training beyond general practitioners and undergo ongoing education and research in a specific area of practice such as dermatology, oncology, or cardiology. Specialists are helpful when a pet's condition is unusual, complex, or severe. If you are dealing with severe behavioral issues such as aggression or separation anxiety, consider seeing a behavioral board-certified specialist. There are only about 80 board- certified animal behavioral specialists worldwide, so if you are dealing with behavior issues, don’t take for granted the fact that you have one in your own backyard in Manhattan along with an entire clinic dedicated towards helping you treat your pet’s behavior problems.

Whatever the case may be, knowing your pet needs will help you find a vet that will best suit you. Using GreatVet, you can find out what services and equipment are offered on-site, and even filter to find specialists in areas like cardiology or oncology.

Is the practice GreatVet Verified?

With all these factors to consider, it is no wonder why pet owners find that this process can be overwhelming, scary, and time consuming. That’s where GreatVet’s Verified Profiles come in. Every GreatVet Verified Profile is vetted and ensures pet owners have the best data to make an educated decision on choosing a new veterinarian, setting you up for success.

GreatVet Verified Profiles are considered a stamp of approval that we have vetted a veterinarian practice and that practice has quality and accurate data and is considered a top veterinarian in the city. GreatVet Verified Profiles are exclusively built to highlight the most important information you as a researcher are looking for, and makes that data practical, functional and most importantly, personalized to your every need. The GreatVet Score also makes it easy to compare the differences for each veterinary option in your city. Using the GreatVet Score along with other filters described above on hours, services and location, finding the best vet clinic match has never been easier. We cut out the noise and help you make a decision based off the highest quality data. We save you time, stress and money.

Does the practice offer a “meet and greet”?

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two practices, now is the time to go and visit each one. Always trust your gut instinct! If you don’t like the way the clinic feels, from the way you are treated to the way your dog reacts, then it may not be the right fit for you. Some practices offer a free ‘meet and greet’ consult so that you can go in and meet the practicing vet. If not, just call ahead and ask if there’s a quiet time for you to visit. Remember, all the contact details are listed on GreatVet so we’ve got all the information you need to make your decision!

One more thing– you can always change your mind! It’s totally normal to move practices if your favorite vet leaves, your animal passes away, you move a few blocks, or even if your priorities change as your animal ages. Simply use our system to find a new practice. Then, your new practice can call your old practice for your pet’s medical history, making the change as smooth as possible.

Finding a veterinary practice in a city as large as New York City that also has the skill set, personality, and the expertise and services to care for your best friend over their lifetime can be tricky. Luckily, GreatVet is here to help you find the quality care provider your companion deserves!