Best and Top-Rated Vets in the Los Angeles Metro Area

We've analyzed the top vet clinics and animal hospitals in the Los Angeles City Metro Area. From Santa Monica to Orange County, here are the top Animal Hospitals and Clinics that will take care of the star of your family.

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How to Find the Best Vet in Los Angelese

If you are a new pet owner or are brand new to Los Angeles, finding a new veterinarian is essential. It can also be confusing and nerve-wracking. You want the best for your animal companion and even the process of starting your search can be overwhelming.

We can help you! Using GreatVet will calm your nerves because we’ve curated a list of the Top 20 Vets in Los Angeles just for you! With GreatVet, you can also search for the best vet by location, specialty, and hours of operation.

Additionally, we’ve put together some helpful information and questions for you to consider while choosing the best animal care option.

Helpful Info

Clinic Location and Distance

If you live in Los Angeles, you know the importance of having conveniently located businesses at your disposal. There’s nothing worse than trying to get to a vet for a routine check-up or in an emergency when you’re stuck in traffic for two hours or more! For emergency situations, it is especially important to have a predetermined veterinary option located within a reasonable distance. Consider what a realistic commute for you is as you will be going to the vet quite frequently, especially if you have a young animal. Use GreatVet to immediately start your veterinary search by typing in your area code to find practices in your area. You can then adjust the search radius to see more options if necessary.

For East LA residents, Veterinary Healthcare Center located on W. Pomona Boulevard, is perfect for residents in Monterey Park and the surrounding area. With tons of free parking spots, this healthcare center is ideal for those pet owners who travel from a distance.

Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital, located in the heart of Echo Park, is another great destination for residents in both the suburbs and downtown neighborhoods of Los Angeles. This hospital can easily be reached in less than an hour via the LA Metro. Plus, the Metro permits small pets who are secured in carriers. If you’re traveling by car, there’s plenty of free parking behind the building as well as street parking.

Although location is an obvious and important factor to consider, don’t stop your search just yet! Just because a clinic is close to your home doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best clinic for your pet’s needs. Let’s take a look at other factors to consider.

Pet Hospitals & Emergency Services

Once you have found a nearby vet, consider if their hours work with your schedule and what happens in case of an emergency. Fortunately, many clinics strive to support those in need of emergency care, and many are affiliated with a larger, 24-hour hospital nearby that they can refer emergency and advanced cases.

For those in East Los Angeles, Eagle Rock Emergency Pet Clinic is a fan favorite. Pet parents are grateful for both the supportive staff and the facility’s 24/7 hours on the weekends. Plus, the clinic is open every night from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. while most others are closed.

You can use the GreatVet platform to help you screen for the office hours of veterinary clinics in your area and, in case of emergency, quickly filter to clinics that see patients 24/7 or which emergency center your regular veterinarian refers to.

Emergencies happen, so be proactive and learn about emergency procedures now before you actually have one.

Additional Questions to Consider

Do they treat your type of pet?

It may sound obvious, but the next thing to check using the GreatVet platform is whether the vet practice treats your pet. Although the majority of Los Angeles clinics will treat cats and dogs, others may only focus on more exotic species.

For example, if you own a pet parrot, you’ll want to make sure your veterinarian is equipped in avian medicine. If you have rabbits, guinea pigs (‘cavies’), hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, or any other small mammals, know that these are often considered ‘exotic’ species and you’ll need a vet with interest or specialty in these areas. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for a dental appointment, so don’t expect a cat and dog vet to be an expert in treating or handling a bird, a reptile, or a rodent!

The Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital, located in Hawthorne, specializes in treating a wide range of exotic pet companions including ferrets, snakes, tarantulas, hamsters, fish, rabbits, and a variety of exotic bird species.

The Exotic Animal Veterinary Clinic in Pasadena treats the likes of turtles, pet goats, lizards, and hedgehogs.

Use GreatVet to sift through LA veterinarians and figure out which clinics offer care for your clever critter.

If you need specialized vet services, does the clinic offer them?

Make sure the practice offers the right scope of services and the expertise to properly care for your best friend before making an appointment. Make a list of your pet’s needs—think about age, animal- type, and any current concerns. For example, if you own a dog, is it a puppy in need of general care? Or is it an older pet in need of geriatric care or pain relief? Depending on your pet’s individual needs, it may make sense to go to a generalist practice or a specialty practice.

It’s common for most pet owners to visit general practice vets. However, when things get critical, your pet may have to visit a specialist. The benefits to seeing a specialist come from their experience and expertise. To become a board-certified specialist, veterinarians go through residency training programs which may take anywhere from three to eight years. By the time a veterinarian is board- certified, they have dedicated anywhere from 8 to 12 years studying the medical and behavioral issues that can affect many species of animals including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and more.

Veterinary specialists handle distinct cases like animal heart problems (cardiology), eye defects (ophthalmology), bones (orthopedic), cancer (oncology), and other important areas.

GreatVet lists all specialties so that you can quickly see which vet practice has the skills you are looking for.

What types veterinary of equipment do they offer?

Some practices refer their clients elsewhere whenever there are procedures or abilities their equipment and facilities can’t handle. We know how frustrating it can be to have to jump from one vet to another– especially in an emergency situation. Take the time upfront in your veterinary search to find a practice with the abilities, procedures, and equipment that are important to you and your pet.

For example, the Veterinary Care Center located on Santa Monica Blvd offers unique services like allergy testing, acupuncture, and laser therapy.

Visit the vet practice before committing

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two practices, now is the time to go and visit each one. Always trust your gut instinct! If you don’t like the way the clinic feels, from the way you are treated to the way your dog reacts, then it may not be the right fit for you. Some practices offer a free ‘meet and greet’ consult so that you can go in and meet the practicing vet. If not, just call ahead and ask if there’s a quiet time for you to visit. Remember, all the contact details are listed on GreatVet so we’ve got all the information you need to make your decision!

One more thing– you can always change your mind! It’s totally normal to move practices if your favorite vet leaves, your animal passes away, you move, or even if your priorities change as your animal ages. Simply use our system to find a new practice. Then, your new practice can call your old practice for your pet’s medical history, making the change as smooth as possible.

Research the veterinary practice’s online reviews and reputation

Online reviews can be a quick and effective way to understand other pet owners’ experiences with a vet you may be considering. At the same time, online reviews can also be polarizing, making it difficult to understand a veterinarian’s capabilities. Before judging a vet clinic based off of the first set of 5-star ratings you see, we recommend looking at multiple sources, and seeking out both good and bad reviews to find a fair balance between their true capabilities and bad experiences that may have been beyond the veterinarian or clinic’s control.

Finding a veterinary practice in a city as large as Los Angeles that also has the skill set, personality, and the expertise and services to care for your best friend over their lifetime can be tricky. Luckily, GreatVet is here to help you find the quality care provider your companion deserves!