Best and Top-Rated Vets in Denver

Our team has researched the best veterinarians and pet hospitals in The Mile High City. Whether you live in LoDo, Cherry Creek, the Highlands, Five Points, or Cheeseman, GreatVet can help you find the perfect Denver veterinarian for you pet. Click our list to find detailed information including hours, care philosophy, veterinarians on staff, and services offered for Denver’s GreatVets.

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Tips for Finding a Great Vet in Denver

If you are a new pet owner or are brand new to Denver (so many of us are!), finding a new veterinarian is essential. It can also be confusing and nerve wracking. You want the best for your animal companion and even the process of starting your search can be overwhelming. We can help you! Using GreatVet will calm your nerves - we have already curated a list of the Top 20 Vets in Denver just for you! With GreatVet, you can also search for the best vet by location, specialty, and hours of operation.

We’ve additionally put together some helpful information and questions for you to consider while choosing the best animal care option.

Helpful Pet & Vet Info

Pet Insurance

Though not required, pet insurance has become quite popular in Denver and many people use it. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re at the Cherry Creek Dog Park, strike up a conversation while you’re hanging out and watching your pup play in the creek. Someone near you is bound to have pet insurance.

Pet insurance works differently than your regular health insurance does. In fact, your vet does not have to “take” any insurance. You usually submit a copy of you bill to the pet insurance and then receive a reimbursement check. If you choose to take this route, you can check with your own health insurance company to see if they offer pet insurance. You can also check out Figo Pet Insurance ( another great option.

Emergency Pet Health Services

Most veterinary clinics in Denver do not have emergency services. Instead, there are a few clinics that are specifically meant for emergency services only. For instance, Alameda East Veterinary Hospital is where many local vets will have you take your pet in case of an emergency when they are not able to provide the help needed. Alameda East offers surgical and overnight care. It is always a good idea to check with your vet to see what types of services they offer and what types you will have to go to emergency services for.

Distance from the Vet Clinic

Denver traffic is no joke. Consider what a realistic commute for you is - you will be going to the vet quite frequently, especially if you have a new young animal. Even if you are wanting to see Dr. G - the affordable incredible Russian dog whisperer at Red Rocks Animal Center in Lakewood, spending one and a half hours driving from Hilltop may not be something you can commit to. So, limit your GreatVet search to neighborhoods you are able and willing to drive to.

Visit the vet practice before committing

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two practices, go and visit them. We can’t stress how important this can be. Trust your gut instinct- if you don’t like the way it feels, the way you are treated, or the way your usually-friendly dog reacts, this practice is probably not for you. Some practices will offer a free ‘meet and greet’ consult so that you can go in and meet your vet. If not, just call ahead and ask if there’s a quiet time for you to visit. Remember, all the contact details are listed here on GreatVet so we’ve got all the information you need to make your decision and get in touch.

Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian

Do they treat your type of pet?

It may sound obvious, but the next thing to check using our database is whether the vet practice treats your pet. Although the majority of Denver clinics will treat cats and dogs, others may only focus on the more exotic species. In fact, the Aurora Animal Hospital has reptile and avian (bird) care specialists on staff.

If you have rabbits, guinea pigs (‘cavies’), hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, or any other small mammals, these are often considered ‘exotic’ species and therefore a vet with interest or specialty in these will be better suited for treating them.

If you need a vet with a specialty, do they offer that?

Some animals need to see a specialist for one reason or another. Knowing there is one in- house rather than traveling somewhere different may be a bonus for you. Whether it’s cardiology (hearts), ophthalmology (eyes), orthopedics (bones) or behavior, there are lots of different things individual vets can specialize in. GreatVet lists all specialties so that you can see at a glance which vet practice has the skills you are looking for. For more information about specialist vets, you can read more at our blog post.

What types of veterinary services do they offer?

As we mentioned above, it is important to consider what types of services each clinic offers; do they have surgical equipment, or do they offer any overnight stays in the event of an emergency? This way you know exactly what you can use your clinic for, and what services you would need to get elsewhere.

What is the price of a general office visit for my pet? What about vaccinations?

Pricing in Denver varies greatly, so it is good to gather information about how much things that we normally go to the vet for cost. You can also ask why they charge a specific price to get the scope of how the clinic operates. For instance, the type of lab a clinic uses for testing blood, etc can have a significant influence on pricing.

One more thing, you can change your mind! It’s totally normal to move practices if your favorite vet leaves, your animal passes away, you move, and even if your priorities change as your animal ages. Simply use GreatVet to research and find a new practice. Then, your new practice can call your old practice for your pet’s medical history to make the change as smooth as possible.