Best and Top-Rated Vets in the Columbus Metro Area

We’ve screened the veterinarians in the Columbus Metro area to help you find the best vet care practitioner for your pet. Click through our list to find detailed information including hours, care philosophy, veterinarians on staff, and services offered for Franklin Counties’ GreatVets.

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How to Find the Best Vet in Columbus

Finding a new vet can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to Columbus, Ohio or you’ve never had a pet before. But finding the right vet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your pet’s life. Your vet is your partner in keeping your pet healthy, and you need somebody you can trust. Of course, what suits one person and their pet may not suit another, so personal recommendations aren’t always the best bet. Here at GreatVet we aim to make the search for a new vet easier by listing the top 20 vets in Columbus. You can even search the GreatVet database for vets with specific specializations, abilities, hours or office locations, ensuring your new vet has everything you and your pet need. But what should you consider when choosing a vet? Read on for our best advice on finding a new vet in Columbus.

How close is the vet practice?

Whether you live Downtown or in Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, German Village, Clintonville or any other nearby Columbus neighborhood or suburb, the area is ripe with great clinics from the Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital to Grandview Animal Clinic. You don’t want to be travelling across Columbus every time your pet needs to be seen. When narrowing your search, consider how you will get to the vet. If you rely on public transportation, consider whether the office is on your bus route. Have a car? Make note of how accessible parking is. Working out these answers before you get any further in your search will make it that much easier to narrow down your options. GreatVet lets you search local practices by distance from your zip code and allows you to view clinics on a map to see what location makes the most sense for you.

If you recently moved to Columbus, you’ll discover one of the top medical universities in the country is located nearby– and that includes veterinary medicine as well. The Ohio State University’s Veterinary Medical Center offers comprehensive services for your pet! No matter what side of town you live on, the campus is easily accessible by freeway. Located at 601 Vernon L Tharp St., this pet medical center is an emergency hospital and clinic all in one. Plus, it’s open all day, every day of the year.

However, the nearest vet may not necessarily be the best vet for your pet. Consider the following questions as you continue your veterinary search.

What happens in a pet-related emergency?

What if your pet is in trouble and needs emergency care right away? Will your vet be available? Will their office even be open? Similar to a human’s medical needs, you have your General Practitioner (GP) who is your regular doctor. But when the problem is severe, people head straight to the Emergency Room. The same goes for your pet. While your regular vet is your go-to for shots, checkups, and non-emergencies, if they’re not open 24/7 you’ll also need a vet that serves as an emergency hospital too (like OSU Vet Med) or one that has an affiliate veterinary hospital on standby.

Not all practices provide 24/7 emergency services, however many practices partner with other animal hospitals that do offer emergency services. Therefore, you have to consider two things: Does your vet offer emergency hours and, if not, is your vet affiliated with a veterinary hospital?

While having access to an affiliated hospital is a great advantage, it may also mean you are dealing with unfamiliar vets at a very stressful time for both you and your pet. Whether you value familiarity or expertise, we definitely recommend finding out what happens in case of an emergency before you find yourself in the middle of one.

If you live on the city’s north side, MedVet Columbus is a first rate 55,000 square foot veterinary hospital located in Worthington on East Wilson Bridge Road. They offer 24/7 care with no referral needed. They work with your regular vet in an emergency to make sure your pet receives the best care.

Those who live on the south side of town have an equally top notch veterinary hospital to go to in Canal Winchester. Open 24/7, the Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center is available to handle any number of pet emergencies– from pregnancies to traumatic injuries.

Once you have filtered veterinary clinics that are conveniently located within hours and emergency services that work with your schedule, you will want to research the specific services offered.

Do they treat your pet?

While it may seem obvious, you’ll want to make sure the vet location you choose actually treats your pet! For example, you’ll find clinics in Columbus that only treat cats, or only cats and dogs. In fact, many clinics don’t treat specialty animals at all which may include certain types of reptiles and birds. Others might focus specifically on ‘exotic’ species such as reptiles and small mammals.

If you have a specialty pet, like an iguana or a tortoise, check out MedVet Emergency Hospital. This hospital is one of the few in Columbus that services exotic pets and birds.

Animal Care Unlimited is another option for those with less traditional pets. They take care of everything from ferrets to hedgehogs. One of the best things about this particular vet clinic is that they provide in-house emergency care after hours.

Does the veterinary practice provide the services your pet needs?

Before you settle on a veterinarian, make sure they provide all of the services your pet may need. Remember, some clinics only offer the basics which may include routine checkups, X-Rays, vaccinations, spay and neutering, while others may offer dog grooming and acupuncture treatments.

If your pet is older, you’ll want to find a vet with end-of-life care services. Your pet may have cancer or other ailments that require a specialist. You’ll need a vet that offers oncology services or has an in-house lab or surgical facilities.

On the northeast side of town, you’ll find the Gahanna Animal Hospital which provides its patients and their families with a full-service animal clinic. They have a pharmacy, an intensive care unit, an onsite lab, a hospital ward, and even pet grooming facilities. You can even board your pet there; they have oversized dog runs and their suites come with a TV and bed in each room!

Make a list of your pet’s needs—think about age, animal-type, and any current concerns. Do you need boarding, grooming, or rehab services? If you own a dog, is it a puppy in need of general care? Is it older, in need of geriatric care or pain relief?

Once you have made a list of needs, use GreatVet to ensure the practices you are considering offer the right scope of services and expertise to properly care for your best friend.

What certifications does the vet practice hold?

Every city and state has its own licensing board and many have different organizations that rate them based on quality and expertise. GreatVet profiles list out accreditations, certifications, and badges for each practice. For example, you can use GreatVet to check if the practice has been accredited by two well-known veterinary accreditation bodies, the AVMA and/or the AAHA or see if they have received a Fear Free Certification.

One organization specific to Ohio is the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. Associations like the OVMA help produce research and improve technology in veterinary medicine to benefit their members, local and state governments, and universities.

In addition to state licensing and board certification, organizations like GreatVet are extremely helpful in vetting animal care providers across the country. GreatVet Verified Profiles are considered a stamp of approval that a veterinarian practice has been vetted and that the practice has quality and accurate data in addition to being considered a top provider in the city.

Do you (and your pet) feel comfortable with the veterinarian?

Finally, it is vitally important for both you and your pet to feel comfortable with the veterinarian that you’ve chosen. As with any medical profession, there are some doctors who just don’t have the bedside manner that you would like. If your dog is especially nervous around a particular vet, you might want to keep searching.

Granted, vets can make nearly any pet nervous, especially dogs. But you know how to judge when your animal is completely uncomfortable with someone. Use your instincts here. Choose a vet you’ll feel comfortable talking to, one that answers your questions thoroughly, and who shows patience with both you and your pet.

It’s easy to find someone you can build a meaningful and trusting relationship with when you take advantage of GreatVet’s profiles to understand your potential veterinarian’s clinical care philosophy. Use your initial appointment to get to know the pet care professionals firsthand.

Ask questions to learn how a particular practice communicates with you and your pet, and about their style to make sure their philosophies align with your expectations. If you’ve had even one bad interaction at the vet or doctor’s office, you know exactly how important it is that you feel comfortable communicating with the receptionists, technicians, and veterinarians at whatever practice you choose! So, use this first appointment to gauge your comfort level.

Final Thoughts

Finding a veterinary practice that is in your neighborhood and also has the skill set, personality, and the expertise and services to care for your best friend over their lifetime is tricky. Luckily, GreatVet is here to help you find the quality care provider your companion deserves.